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a little history

this website started in 2001 as a sort of tongue-in-cheek response to high end digital photography. The point has always been to just get images up there, and not sweat the little stuff. I wanted to create a site that would load quickly, and be easily updated with minimal effort on my part. The focus was primarily on making low-res photos available to John Q. Public, and not try to hide everything behind some heavy, flashy, clunky interface. Over the years the site has evolved a little, but the premise and concept remain the same, "keep it real, keep it simple, keep it fresh." Now that i'm living in California, the content has changed some, but the feel and vibe of the site remains the same in that I try to poke fun at the little ironies in the day to day stuff, only now, there is less irony, and more beauty, (in and of itself, a type of irony)

the basics:

the site is broken up into three basic libraries of images. hotrod, pinnercam, and fladeedle. in the olden days, there was no fladeedle section. It was pretty much just hotrod, and pinnercam. "hotrod" was simply stuff I had shot with film, and "pinnercam" was stuff shot with a low-megapixel digital (1.2 megapixel Fuji A101) camera. It was my hope to continue shooting with the pinnercam forever, but the reality of a durable 1.2 megapixel camera in the future disappeared, and really, why not have some quality files when you get right down to it? either way, the hotrod and pinnercam sections have not been updated in years, and are likely to remain just as they are for years to come. fladeedle was something I came up with when i realized I couldn't call a 7 megapixel camera a pinnercam. There's nothing "pinner" about a camera that fits in your pocket, and can make 8x10 prints that look pretty good. fladeedle is the main site, and where most of the work you see begins its life on danconnortown. fladeedle simply refers to the splash page, (home page) and the images there in.


in the hotrod library, you will see a series of diptychs which if you click on any image individually, will open in a window of its own. These images were mostly shot using my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, my Hasselblad 503CW, or my Nikon N90s. Mostly they are from the Mamiya, and a few from the Hassie. I call this area hotrod because it takes a few steps to make a film image into a digital image, just like turning a regular car into a hotrod. Simple and stupid, i know. that's always been the point.


the pinnercam library is the essence of danconnortown. this is the roots. this is where it really all began. the idea was to build a site about photography that happens even when you're not thinking about photography. you take a picture, you put it on the web. that's it. if the photo is in focus? doesn't matter. if the subject is interesting? doesn't matter. the point is, it's low-res, it's current, and it's there. these pix also pop open in their own windows if you select one of them individually. you'll notice at the bottom of the page there are these little boxes with red dots. those are how you navigate page forward, or page back.


fladeedle has become the backbone of dTown. it's just a made up word really, but i understand its meaning to the very core. fladeedle is the splash page, and on the splash page, there is usually one link, and sometimes a few other links, and within those links are the scrollers that dTown has become "famous" for. the idea of being able to put a ton of photos up at once that you can just scroll through. it's a little component that my friend asif developed for me. He's actually responsible for the redesign that incorporated "fladeedle" and looking back now, I can remember him asking me, "what would you call this section?" and for lack of a better word, I chose fladeedle. Here we are 5 years later, and it still rings true. at the bottom of the main splash page there is a bit that says "write" click on that to send me a note.


words is simply a link to the blog. i decided to start a blog because back in the day, whenever I made an update on my website, I would also make a little pop up window that had some dialogue about the politics, the photos, the news of the day, whatever was appropriate, but it was such a pain in the ass to link and relink when things went to the archive, that it made sense to start a blog. Each time I update my site, i also update the blog, and the first photo in the blog is typically the splash image relating to that update. So if you go to my blog and you see a photo that you haven't seen on dTown before, it's because you haven't refreshed your browser. on the blog i've got links to other photographers and artists, and the dialogue runs back to around 2003 or so. some of the dialogue was lost between computers at one time, but for the most part everything is there for you, and you can spend plenty of time getting to know the guy on the back side of the camera by pouring through "the monthlies" which is really an archive of the blog posts.


the archive is the cool part of my site. what makes it cool is how fucking overwhelming it is. it's something that has grown to be so large, that i really am not sure how to fix it. there are so many ways to go with it now that i'm this old, and the website is that old, and well, you are also as old as you are. but the archive is where all the photos that were ever on a fladeedle splash page wind up. at the moment i'd say i've got over 10,000 photos in there. you can really easily spend an hour or two just tooling through the archives. they are loosely ordered by date, but naturally there are links that croak, and some pix don't always pop up because over time things get moved, history changes to suit the victor, and so on. Pretty much you will find everything i've shot that went to the internet in this area. up top there is a section called "covers & splashes" and that's where the i keep a copy of all of my splash pages, as well as a copy of all the "covergirls" or main images from my splash pages, in their own little scroller. it's a good way to see if you've missed some updates, but you'll want to look at the top of the archive page for the "last updated" date, because i'm not always so militant about updating the archive. down toward the bottom there are some slideshows and some videos. if you ever find something that doesn't work, please write me and let me know, so i can fix it for you. to write me a letter, simply click on the word, "write" on the bottom left of the main splash page.


moving around the site is pretty straight forward. if you click to "words" you are on my blog. to get back, simply click the banner at the top of the page, and you will transport back to "fladeedle". it really is that simple. everything else is just a matter of clicking on it. you want to see old pix? click hotrod. you wanna see super low res pix? click pinnercam. you wanna see what's going on lately? click fladeedle. you think you might have missed something? try the archives. Enjoy.